Gardens, Trees & Landscapes

Care for Flood Damaged Trees

This 8-minute video with John Fech, Horticulture Extension Educator, Certified Arborist & Tree Risk Assessor, and Graham Herbst, Nebraska Forest Service, explains 1) reasons for potential tree damage, 2) identifying the risks, 3) considering management options and 4) how to obtain professional guidance.



Lawns and Turfgrass

  • Recovery After Historic Flood, Dr. Roch Gaussion, University of Nebraska - Lincoln. What golf course or athletic field managers and homeowners should expect after flood waters recede and what to do to next. 
  • Caring for Flooded Lawns, University of Missouri Extension. Evaluation of damage and management of turfgrass effected by flooding.
  • Care of Flood Damaged Lawns and Turf, Colorado State University Extension. Management of lawns damaged by flooding.

Fruits, Vegetables and Food Safety

  • Flooded Vegetable Garden Sites and Food Safety Considerations - Nebraska Extension. The garden season may not have started yet in the heartland, but as the waters recede and clean-up efforts continue, there’s one area of concern that many may not have thought of: the safety of garden produce from flooded areas.
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  • Flooded Gardens - South Dakota State University. What to do with fruits and vegetables from a home garden that has been flooded. Food safety is a major concern.
  • Safely Using Produce from Flooded Gardens (pdf) - University of Wisconsin Extension. Safety considerations for home gardeners when using produce from gardens that have been flooded.
  • Food Safety for Flooded Farms - Produce Safety Alliance. Guidance for commercial vegetable growers on how to manage flooded crops, keeping food safety in mind. 
  • Dealing with Flooded Vegetable Fields - Cornell University. How commercial vegetable growers can manage plantings in fields that have been flooded to maintain a high level of food safety.

This 3-minute video with Elizabeth Killinger, Horticulture Extension Educator, discusses how to manage a vegetable garden after flooding during the growing season.