COVID-19 Resources for Agriculture

Best Management Practices for Ag Producers

As food production is classified as essential during a pandemic, iti s important that Ag producers take precautions to stay healthy. Use this document to provide tips on staying healthy during this time. Includes a poster with tips.

Best Practices for Ag Prodcuers

Best Management Practices for Meat Processors

With the increasing illnesses of COVID-19 in Nebraska, plants should consider implementing “Best Practices” to avoid transmission from one employee to another. Use this document to create a prevention program to reduce exposure of your employees to the transmission of the virus.

Best Practices for Meat Processors Best Practices in Spanish

Nebraska Department of Ag Resources

Visit the NDA website for a list of additional resources for farmers and ranchers.

NDA COVID-19 Resources

CARES Act 2020

This article covers what you should know about the CARES Act and to help provide some clarity about unemployment insurance and farmers and ranchers.

CARES Act 2020

Flooding Resources

Emergency Conservation Program

The Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) provides emergency funding and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers to rehabilitate farmland damaged by natural disasters and to implement emergency water conservation measures in periods of severe drought.

Need Hay?

Livestock producers affected by recent flooding in need of donated hay or fencing materials, please call Nebraska Department of Ag (NDA) at 1-800-831-0550. They can then direct you to available hay donation location sites.

Donated hay and fencing materials can also be requested via Nebraska Farm Bureau at:

Donate Hay

Those wishing to donate hay or fencing materials can also do so through NDA or Farm Bureau contact information above.

University of Nebraska - Medical Center

Farm and Ranch from UNMC has helpful resources available.

Rural Tax Education

Disaster Losses and Related Tax Rules