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The Nebraska Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is a group of Extension faculty and staff who are committed to helping Nebraskans prepare for and recover from disasters. We’ve got people with expertise in topics like agriculture, families, youth, health and wellness, and community development, and they develop programs, resources, and partnerships to help you when you need it most.


The mission of the Nebraska Extension Disaster Education Network (Nebraska EDEN) is to reduce the impact of disasters through science-based education.


Nebraska EDEN is the premier provider of disaster education resources delivered through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Training & Professional Development

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We keep you informed about the Nebraska Extension’s services during disasters and blue-sky times.

Training & Professional Development


We ensure our relevant publications and resources are available whenever you need them.

Training & Professional Development

Training & Professional Development

We are committed to expanding our knowledge and skillsets around disaster and emergency management principles.

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We're an EDEN Affiliate

Nebraska EDEN is an affiliate of the Extension Disaster Education Network. EDEN links Extension professionals across the country and various disciplines, enabling them to use, share, and produce resources to reduce the impact of disasters.