Supporting Young People Through Change

Contributing in a Changing World

Author: Dr. Dawn Lindsley

Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” We are all a part of something larger than ourselves. We live in a global society that is interconnected, and in times of ...  

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Creating a Routine in Changing Times

Author: Dr. Jill Lingard

With virtual-learning, social distancing, and a long list of cancelled beloved pastimes, life can feel pretty far from what we once knew. Change is hard. Yet, amidst a time of uncertainty and change we are searching to find a new normal. A sense of stability, routine, and familiarity are important ...  

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Coping in Changing Times

Author: Saundra Frerichs

How can someone like me cope with something so unexpected? As I searched for this answer, I read recommendations for different groups of people: individuals living alone, families, children with special needs, empty nesters, and seniors. I found suggestions that can help all of us cope. Create a routine. Consistency...  

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Connecting in Changing Times

Author: Jill Goedeken

While connecting in person may not be possible right now, maintaining positive social connections for youth is important for supporting their social and emotional well-being. These connections are critically important for all youth; those who appear to be doing okay with these uncertain times and for those who may be...  

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Comfort in a Changing World

Author: Dr. Michelle Krehbiel

“I don’t like this!” This statement is one that children or youth might use during a heated game, when being asked to correct unwanted behavior or when plans change. For those children and youth who were looking forward to milestones like field days, end of school year celebrations, prom, or...

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