Financial Recovery and Documentation

Recovering financially after a disaster is complex. It is important in the midst of the struggle to keep things simple. Financial documentation will help survivors and the helping agencies get a clear picture of what resources will be most beneficial and identify the biggest gaps.

Document Details:

The more detailed and accurate your records, the more you may be reimbursed and/or able to recoup your losses.

Below you will find a list of forms that will help you refine the documentation process. You will need this information when talking with helping agencies, applying for disaster assistance, taking tax deductions and submitting your claims to insurance, FEMA, et al.

For more information or examples on how you might complete the forms, you can click on the Toolkit link above for examples and in depth reading.



Documentation Diary:  (MS Word doc)    (PDF version)
To Do List:  (MS Word doc)    (PDF version)
Contact List: (MS Word doc)   (PDF version)
(Where to) Ask for Help (MS Word doc)   (PDF version)
Important Document Loss and Damaged Property (MS Word doc)   (PDF version)

Accurate Information:

Typically, your best source of information and support is found within your community. Your neighbor is experiencing the same disaster and therefore might have information that has not yet been made available to you. Pulling together as a community creates synergy and recovery. That being said, it is also common for rumors and misinformation to spread.

Disaster assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

To Register:

It is important that you register with FEMA even if you have filed a claim with another organization or Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

  • The United Way can be reached by phone at 2-1-1 if you have any questions or would like further information.

Ask for Help

"Many hands make light work," (John Heywood) concept applies especially during times of trouble. Often times people collude asking for help as a weakness, when really it is a strength as it shows you are able to leverage resources around you. A simple question will make the recovery process more palatable.

Financial Professional / Public Resources:

Replacing Important Papers

Besides documentation and keeping all receipts, other documents are needed to prove what you say. This may seem frustrating and distrusting and yet it is a fact of life that we do have to have documentation to show evidence of our words. The following is a list of key papers you will need. Check them off as you find them. 

If you need to replace these documents, you can find the contact information to take this step here:

  • Social Security numbers for you, your spouse, and all your dependents.
  • Birth and death certificates.
  • Most recent federal income tax return.
  • Home mortgage/property deed.
  • Bank account numbers.
  • Driver's license.
  • Titles of vehicles, particularly those damaged by the disaster.
  • Military discharge papers.
  • Credit cards and store charge cards.